Mountain Digital specialises in developing exceptional e-commerce and subscription websites and apps in the retail, travel, health and outdoor markets.

Our team is hand-picked from across the world for talent and proven ability in the technologies we love and trust, including Shopify, WordPress, Woocommerce, Squarespace and many more.

We have a core team that we augment with talent specifically sourced from around the world, relevant to each and every job.

And we pride ourselves on our proven ability to create stunning digital brands, secure and efficient platforms, and supporting digital marketing and data management for many clients.

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the digital stuff we do

 we work from researching and creating digital brands to launching, maintaining and helping to grow them

we research and create

We work with a talented team to research, test and validate new brand concepts, offerings and business plans so that models can be tested.

we create and manage dynamic content

Our team creates and manages dynamic, stimulating and relevant content to keep the site’s visitors sticky and engaged.

we design brands and offerings

We facilitate the translation of validated research into carefully designed digital delivery, from mockups and wireframes and working models.

we manage SEO and search

Our team manages site optimisation and ongoing social and search support to keep the bots happy .

we create or modify themes

We’re in no doubt that the best model is to work with the best theme agencies in shopify and wordpress to create powerful e-businesses.

we manage digital marketing

Our team helps set up and manage affiliate programmes, paid search, remarketing and all aspects of the digital mix.

we create and manage data

E-commerce and subscription/community businesses thrive or die down to the detail – our team creates and manages data feeds and more.

we keep businesses moving forward

We use analytics, metrics and constant review and evaluation to help keep our clients focused and moving forward.

the mountain digital team

We take an unequivocally stringent search for the very best talent around the world to work on our own and clients’ digital projects. We contract through the upwork platform, and have a Platinum rating as one of the top agencies in the world.

  • Crawfurd
    head honcho
    Crawfurd's the go-to guy for project direction, team management, and agile project management. Skier, mountain biker, kite surfer; loves being out with clients, or outdoors, or both.
  • Ovidiu
    technical honcho
    Ovidiu heads up our development team for subscription systems, app development. An exceptional talent at integrations and the lead on Amanda Hamilton's diet system.
  • Illarion
    Shopify uber
    Illarion heads up our shopify and related apps development team. Quiet, infinitely organised, and a master of almost every relevant technology.
  • Matt
    creative honcho
    Matt provides our creative edge working closely to help generate brilliant brands, collateral, web graphics and much more besides.

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